Jamboree Housing Corporation, affordable housing developer

Provide food, essentials to our most vulnerable residents

In response to the COVID-19 public health crisis, help us continue to provide basic essentials to our residents most in need.

Your donation today makes an immediate difference:

  • Ensure our most vulnerable seniors and special needs residents receive food boxes on their doorsteps.
  • Provide school-aged children of our families with $10 activity kits so they can participate in our virtual after-school program activities.
  • Encourage our special needs residents with $10 wellness kits and provide calming activities during this stressful time.
  • Help the growing number of our at-risk households, who have lost jobs or seen hours cut, receive rental assistance.

      Where Needed Most


      What does it mean to support Jamboree’s mission?

      Jamboree delivers high-quality affordable housing and services that transform lives and strengthen communities.

      • Families and children REACH their potential with onsite programs, health and wellness clinics, job-training workshops, computer learning labs, and after-school tutoring.
      • Seniors age in place with a sense of belonging and security through social activities, grocery delivery, fitness and health programs, transportation, and one-on-one advocacy.
      • Those with special needs living with a mental health diagnosis and/or experiencing homelessness – including veterans – thrive in a permanent home with stabilizing services.

      How can you help?

      Donate to support where it’s needed most and declare… there’s hope for those starting out or starting over.

      Who is Jamboree?

      Since 1990, Jamboree has been doing the legwork to both provide the essential human need of housing – and measure its effects on larger communities. We share our results and we work to demonstrate how this shortage influences everyone – especially here in California – where low-income isn’t who you think it is.



      As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, donations to Jamboree are tax deductible.

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