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MILPITAS: Hillview Court

Jamboree, a nonprofit affordable housing developer, purchased and acquired an Extended Stay America in Milpitas at 1000 Hillview Court. In partnership with Santa Clara County and the City of Milpitas, Jamboree is renovating the property to create 132 studio apartments using a housing first model, a national best practice proven to alleviate the housing crisis for those experiencing homelessness. Learn more about Jamboree’s long-term commitment to address homelessness and its development expertise with another successful motel conversion in Northern California.

Helping end homelessness in Santa Clara County

In 2015, Santa Clara County set a goal to create 6,000 new supportive housing opportunities. To date, 21 new housing developments have created 1,612 new and 484 renovated apartment homes for six cities in the county. This new Milpitas community will increase the countywide supportive housing pipeline by providing much-needed housing and services for local residents.

The supportive housing with services that Jamboree brings with this motel conversion will enhance the quality of life for the entire neighborhood by bringing neighbors from homelessness into housing with onsite access to trained professionals who can provide services and support – including case management, life skills education, and opportunities for social connectedness and meaningful activities  that keep residents active, stable, and thriving in their local neighborhood.

Hillview Court

The vision for Hillview Court is to transform this three-story property into Permanent Supportive Housing that will consist of 132 fully furnished studio apartments that are approximately 300 square feet. Each apartment will include a small kitchen and a full, private bath. Renovations of the property will create a large, ground-floor community space for property management offices, onsite services, case management, an activities center, and a lounge area for residents.

Hillview Court is a short walking distance to public transportation as well as local shops and services, including a grocery store, park, medical facilities, and a pharmacy. It provides an ideal opportunity to bring much-needed affordable housing to the most vulnerable and at-risk individuals in the community.

Is Hillview Court a homeless shelter?

Hillview Court will create homes, not a shelter. Unlike homeless shelters, residents in permanent supportive housing do not have to leave their apartment every day and return at night nor do they have to move out after a brief stay.

Individuals must qualify for this specific housing and are referred to the property from participating agencies. Once residents sign an apartment lease, they may remain in their apartment long-term or as long as they follow the community rules. There will be no onsite intake center for those experiencing homelessness.

The goal is long-term housing stability to keep these residents active, stable, and thriving in their local neighborhood. Communities that take this approach to permanently house those experiencing homeless realize better than a 90% success rate in these residents avoiding a return to homelessness.

Get the latest

Jamboree has held two online neighborhood workshops for the community to obtain input on the proposed new development on Monday, October 5, 2020 and Thursday, October 22, 2020. Members of the surrounding community joined Jamboree and the city for the digital conversation.

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What was discussed at the first and second meetings?

Neighbors inquired about the success of Permanent Supportive Housing in a community like Milpitas. Permanent Supportive Housing is apartment living with services. It can be successfully integrated into any kind of neighborhood, including high-income single-family neighborhoods, mixed-income neighborhoods, and urban centers.

Property value impact
Jamboree has no evidence that this type of housing negatively impacts property values. A 10-year research study in Santa Clara County, including 122 new low-income housing developments in San Jose, showed that the value of homes within 2,000 feet of new housing increased at the same rate as homes further away.

Community involvement
Community approval isn’t required since Hillview Court is funded under California’s Homekey, a pool of $835 million created from the federal CARES Act coronavirus relief package and administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to help local governments purchase hotels and motels to permanently house homeless individuals.

Homekey developments don’t require a public hearing for entitlement purposes. Regulations around Homekey can be found in Assembly Bill 83, which provides California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) exemptions and streamlining guidance. Governments and developers have to move swiftly on the program, as the CARES Act funds expire on December 31, 2020.

Jamboree is committed to involving the community in the development of Hillview Court and held a second public community meeting on Thursday, October 22, 2020. The full slide presentation from this meeting will be posted soon.

The process to become a resident, conditions of residency

Every Jamboree community requires potential residents to fill out an application. The property management company then verifies income as well as conducts criminal background and credit checks.

Individuals with a clinical diagnosis of mental illness from a healthcare provider – and who are coming from homelessness – qualify for this housing through the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), a measure passed by California voters in 2004 to help fund supportive housing developments such as Hillview Court.

Like residents at other Jamboree Permanent Supportive Housing communities, residents at Hillview Court will sign a one-year lease that outlines house rules as part of their lease agreement. Residents will be evicted if they don’t follow these rules. If that were to happen, Jamboree would work with other agencies to ensure that the individual remains in alternative housing and doesn’t return back onto the street.

Crime and security
There’s no evidence that crime in the neighborhood or calls to law enforcement increase. In fact, affordable housing helps maintain a stable population. Jamboree developments have onsite staff that watch for the safety of the neighborhood as well as our own residents.

Our staff is well trained to work with local law enforcement to report any unsafe activity and to ensure that our residents and members of the surrounding neighborhood are acting responsibly. Standard security measures at this property will include security cameras and a gated pedestrian/vehicle entry into the property.

Since 2009, see how residents are thriving at Diamond Apartment Homes – another one of Jamboree’s Permanent Supportive Housing communities – with a sustained decrease in health-related episodes, medical hospitalizations, and police contacts.

Jamboree’s commitment, experience, and track record
As a nonprofit, Jamboree’s commitment is to transform lives and strengthen communities. We build quality Permanent Supportive Housing with services that make a difference as a cost-saving solution to ending homelessness.

Jamboree is a leader in new construction and adaptive reuse of supportive housing development. In addition to Hillview Court, we are currently working on four other hotel/motel conversions across the state.

As a partner dedicated to maintaining affordability and quality for the long-term, Jamboree will continue to work closely with Santa Clara County, the City of Milpitas, and its residents to ensure Hillview Court remains an asset to the surrounding neighborhood. The ongoing property management and supportive services to be offered on site will be funded through overall operations of Hillview Court.

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